Our Courses

Kanz Training provides comprehensive management, safety, technical, and entrepreneurship training services globally. We specialize in using advanced systems thinking and lean methodologies to deliver top-notch training and consulting services for organizational development and performance improvement. Our unique Systemic Root Cause Analysis model is designed to solve complex problems worldwide, and our business support services include administrative, management, and leadership services.

Kanz Training Courses


Management Courses

Leadership Development

    1. Emotional Intelligence for Leaders and Managers
    2. The Quadrable Tracks Leadership Model
    3. Advanced Leadership Skills For Talented Leaders
    4. Leadership Essentials
    5. Strategic Planning and Execution
    6. Building a Leadership Pipeline
    7. Managing Change and Innovation
    8. Building Resilience in Leaders
    9. Developing High-Performance Teams
    10. Effective Communication
    11. Leading Through Conflict
    12. Managing Performance
    13. Coaching for Performance
    14. Diversity and Inclusion
    15. Leading Virtual Teams
    16. Time Management
    17. Strategic Decision Making
    18. Creativity and Innovation
    19. Leading Change Management
    20. Team Building
    21. Negotiation Skills
    22. Project Management for Leaders
    23. Managing Remote Teams
    24. Business Strategy
    25. Ethics in Leadership
    26. Conflict Resolution
    27. Coaching and Mentoring
    28. Leadership Communication
    29. Servant Leadership
    30. Agile Leadership


Safety Courses


Technical Courses

Entrepreneurship Courses

    1. Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Design
    2. Market Research and Customer Discovery
    3. Intellectual Property and Patents
    4. Crowdfunding and Financing Strategies
    5. Sales and Business Development
    6. Product Management and Roadmapping
    7. Agile and Lean Startup Methodologies
    8. Scaling and Growth Strategies
    9. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    10. Accounting and Bookkeeping Basics

Business Development and Performance Improvement Courses

    1. Business Analysis Essentials
    2. Finance for Non-Finance Professionals
    3. Continuous Improvement and Lean Six Sigma
    4. Operations Management
    5. Supply Chain Management
    6. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    7. Business Process Reengineering
    8. Change Management
    9. Strategic Human Resource Management
    10. Data Analytics for Business Performance Improvement


Applications of systems thinking

Systems Thinking for Organizational Change

    1. Designing Sustainable Systems for Business
    2. Systems Thinking for Lean Operations
    3. Business Model Innovation through Systems Thinking
    4. Managing Complexity with Systems Thinking

Systems Thinking in Healthcare:

    1. Systems Thinking for Healthcare Quality Improvement
    2. Applying Systems Thinking in Patient Safety
    3. Systems Thinking for Health Policy and Management
    4. Designing Resilient Healthcare Systems
    5. Systems Thinking for Population Health Management

Systems Thinking in Education:

    1. Applying Systems Thinking in Sustainable Development
    2. Systems Thinking for Environmental Policy and Management
    3. Systems Thinking for Climate Change Adaptation
    4. Designing Resilient Ecosystems with Systems Thinking
    5. Systems Thinking for Conservation and Restoration

Systems Thinking in Social Systems:

    1. Systems Thinking for Community Development
    2. Designing Equitable Systems with Systems Thinking
    3. Applying Systems Thinking in Social Policy and Management
    4. Systems Thinking for Social Justice and Equity
    5. Systems Thinking for Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding

Systems Thinking in Engineering:

    1. Systems Thinking for Product Design and Development
    2. Systems Thinking for Lean Manufacturing
    3. Systems Thinking for Industrial Engineering and Optimization
    4. Systems Thinking for Supply Chain Management
    5. Applying Systems Thinking in Infrastructure Planning and Development