Fundamentals of Systems Thinking

Fundamentals of Systems Thinking


In today’s interconnected and rapidly changing business landscape, traditional, linear thinking often falls short. Siloed thinking, reactive decision-making, and a focus on short-term gains can hinder innovation and long-term success. This course offers a transformative approach to leadership and problem-solving, grounded in systems thinking, to empower you to navigate complexity and achieve sustainable organizational excellence.

What is Systems Thinking?

Systems thinking is a holistic approach that views organizations as complex systems with interconnected parts. It recognizes that changes in one area can have ripple effects throughout the entire organization. By understanding these interdependencies and feedback loops, leaders can make more informed decisions and drive meaningful change.

Course Objectives:

  • Develop a deep understanding of systems thinking principles and their application in various contexts.
  • Learn to identify and analyze complex systems within your organization.
  • Master tools and techniques for mapping and visualizing systems.
  • Understand the role of feedback loops and leverage points in system behavior.
  • Apply systems thinking to solve complex problems and make strategic decisions.
  • Foster a culture of systems thinking within your team and organization.

Who Should Attend:

  • Executives and Senior Managers
  • Mid-Level Managers
  • Change Agents and Consultants
  • Anyone passionate about creating positive change in their organizations and communities.

Course Outline:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Systems Thinking
    • Defining systems and their key properties
    • Interconnectivity, feedback loops, and emergent behavior
    • Shifting from linear to systems thinking
  • Module 2: Systems Archetypes
    • Common archetypes and their impact
    • Analyzing challenges through systems archetypes
  • Module 3: Systems Thinking in Action
    • Mapping and analyzing your system
    • Identifying leverage points for change
    • Anticipating unintended consequences
    • Designing for resilience
  • Module 4: Building a Systems-Thinking Culture
    • Characteristics of a systems-oriented culture
    • Strategies for overcoming resistance to change
    • Leadership development and systems thinking

Course Format:

  • Live online sessions with interactive discussions and Q&A
  • Practical exercises and case studies
  • Access to a comprehensive online learning platform with additional resources and tools

Registration and Inquiries:

To register or inquire about the course, please contact:


About the Instructor:

Mohammad bin Abdullah Al-Buzaid is a renowned engineer, author, consultant, and entrepreneur with over 32 years of experience. He is the creator of the SSX methodology and the author of several books on systems thinking and leadership.

Invest in your future. Invest in success.

Relevant Books by Mohammad Albuzaid:

  • Systemic Leadership: Thinking Differently in a Complex World
  • The Dance with Snakes: Mastering Risk Management with Systems Thinking
  • Are Your KPIs OK? A Systems Thinking Guide to Fixing Misleading Metrics with KPIQC

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