Systemic Complex Problems Solution  (SSX)

Systemic Complex Problems Solution  (SSX)



This course will introduce you to the Systemic Solutions for Complex Problems (SSX) Model, a novel and effective methodology that combines Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and Systems Thinking to analyze complex problems and their interrelationships. The SSX Model will enable you to identify and address the root causes of these problems, ensuring that you avoid superficial solutions that may create more problems in the long run. Instead, you will learn how to find sustainable solutions that can prevent the recurrence of similar issues in the future. The course is based on the book “Solving Complex Problems with Systemic Solutions for Complex Problems (SSX) Model” by Engr. Mohammad Albuzaid, who is also the instructor of this course. He will guide you through the steps of the SSX Model with practical examples and exercises. By the end of this course, you will be equipped to apply the SSX Model to any complex problem you may face in your personal or professional life.


Course Objectives

  • Understand the principles and concepts of the Systemic Solutions for Complex Problems (SSX) Model.
  • Apply the SSX Model to solve complex problems effectively.
  • Identify and analyze complex systems and their interrelationships using the SSX Model.
  • Develop solutions using a systems approach to address root causes.
  • Implement and measure the impact of SSX-based solutions.



  • Gain a deep understanding of the Systemic Solutions for Complex Problems (SSX) Model and its application to complex problem-solving.
  • Learn how to analyze and identify root causes of problems, leading to effective and sustainable solutions.
  • Develop skills to create and implement systems-based solutions that address root causes.
  • Enhance your ability to solve complex problems in a range of contexts.
  • Connect with other professionals and experts in the field of systems thinking.


Who Should Attend

This course is designed for professionals who are involved in solving complex problems, such as technical issues or organizational challenges. It is suitable for managers, executives, engineers, consultants, and other professionals who are interested in applying a systems thinking approach to complex problem-solving.


Course Outline


Module 1: Introduction to Systemic Solutions for Complex Problems (SSX) Model

  • Key principles and concepts of the SSX Model.
  • SSX Model in complex problem-solving.
  • Tools and techniques for the SSX Model.


Module 2: Analyzing Complex Systems using the SSX Model

  • Understanding complex systems and their interrelationships.
  • Identifying and mapping system components and feedback loops using the SSX Model.
  • Tools and techniques for analyzing complex systems using the SSX Model.


Module 3: Solving Complex Problems using Systemic Solutions for Complex Problems (SSX) Model

  • An introduction to the SSX Model and its key principles.
  • Identifying complex problems and their root causes.
  • Applying the SSX Model to develop effective solutions.
  • Tools and techniques for implementing the SSX Model.


Module 4: Implementing Solutions using a Systems Approach

  • The role of leadership and organizational culture in implementing systems-based solutions.
  • Identifying key stakeholders and engaging them in the implementation process.
  • Developing an implementation plan and timeline.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of systems-based solutions.


Module 5: Scaling and Sustaining Systems-Based Solutions

  • The importance of scalability and sustainability in systems-based solutions.
  • Identifying potential barriers to scaling and sustainability.
  • Developing strategies to overcome barriers and ensure long-term success.
  • Measuring and communicating the impact of systems-based solutions.


Case Studies

  • How SSX was used to solve a technical issue at a manufacturing plant.
  • How SSX was used to improve customer satisfaction.
  • How SSX was used to reduce costs at a healthcare organization.


Hands-on Exercises

  • A case study exercise where participants apply the SSX Model to solve a real-world problem.
  • A group exercise where participants work together to develop a systems-based solution to a problem.



  • A multiple-choice quiz to assess participants’ understanding of the SSX Model.
  • A case study analysis to assess participants’ ability to apply the SSX Model to solve complex problems.



This course will provide participants with the knowledge and skills they need to solve complex problems using the Systemic Solutions for Complex Problems (SSX) Model. The course is designed to be practical and engaging, and it will provide participants with the opportunity to learn from experts in the field.


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