Systemic Leader Program

This program aims to create Leaders with advanced skills that make them capable of maximizing the output of their organizations through change in THINKING. Candidates will depart from the traditional command and control mindset to the advanced systems thinkers’ where they will widen their views of how to lead and achieve excellence in a smarter way. They will acquire skills that will enable them to achieve highest return in investment in human and non human Resources in their organizations.

The program includes advances skills in the following areas;

  • Systems behavior
  • Human behavior
  • Business ethics
  • Excellence
  • Performance management
  • Solving complex problems

The program is customized to fit your needs and is conducted in the form of mentoring sessions and workshops face to face or online.

You will gain unique skills, practical experience and will be exposed to Saudi Aramco’s culture through the program leading who is an x-Aramcoan. 

The program consists of:

  1. Optional capabilities assessment session to identify leadership developmental gaps.
  2. Group or individual sessions covering different topics in the above mentioned areas.

Program Leader: Engr. Mohammad Albuzaid