Mentoring Orientation

Mentoring Orientation

Hiring fresh graduates is actually an investment that is considered successful if it achieves maximum return on investment (ROI). This is the language of business actually. The value added through this newly added asset depends mainly on how successful the organization is in turning these resources into capabilities that last longest life possible.

Mentoring and Performance

67% of HR professionals belief that mentoring improves organizational performance. Effective mentoring is one of the most powerful and efficient tools for learning and moving up.

Mentoring in indispensable to learning throughout our carrier. It is a way to identify and fill our critical gaps that we may or may not know about ourselves.  A good mentor is part diagnostician assessing what is going on with you now and part guide connecting you with the advice, ideas, people and resources you need to grow and move ahead.

Mentoring helps overcome organizational hurdles that stops your growth and reduce the time needed to pass obstacles.

For employers, mentoring increases talent retention, promotion rates, and employee satisfaction for mentors and mentees.

Course Outline

The following topics will be cover during this short workshop and will be customized to fit the required duration of 3 – 4 Hours;

  1. Why have a mentoring program?
  2. What is mentoring?
  3. Mentoring styles.
  4. Connection types.
  5. Connection duration.
  6. How to do mentoring?
  7. Measurement.


As requested, this workshop will last 3 -4 hours.


Mohammad Albuzaid