iPMT – Integrated Projects Management Solutions

iPMT – Integrated Project Management Solutions

Your Partner in Residential Building Construction

iPMT – Integrated Project Management Solutions is a distinguished business consultancy firm specializing in elevating project management services for residential building construction to new heights. With a relentless commitment to excellence, we bring a wealth of qualifications, including the expertise of our founder, Mohammad A. Albuzaid.

Founder and Chief Consultant: Mohammad A. Albuzaid

Leadership in Project Management Excellence:

Led by our visionary founder, Mohammad A. Albuzaid, Integrated Project Management Solutions represents the pinnacle of expertise in residential building construction project management. With over 33 years of hands-on experience in major oil/gas and petrochemical companies in Saudi Arabia, including 15 years dedicated to leadership development, Mohammad Albuzaid is a recognized authority in the field.

Our Distinctive Approach: Systemic Complex Problems Solutions (SSX) Model

Our distinction lies in our profound understanding and application of the most advanced systems thinking methodologies and problem-solving techniques. We do not merely manage residential building construction projects; we orchestrate them with a level of sophistication that stems from our unique approach to addressing complex challenges at their systemic roots.

The Systemic Complex Problems Solutions (SSX) Model: At Integrated Project Management Solutions, we champion the Systemic Complex Problems Solutions (SSX) Model, a revolutionary paradigm that transcends traditional problem-solving methodologies. Conventional approaches often address symptoms, leaving underlying systemic issues unattended. In contrast, the SSX Model empowers us to delve deep into the core of issues, providing lasting and proactive solutions.

Leadership in Human Behavior and Excellence:

We recognize that human behavior is integral to effective leadership and residential building construction project management. Our competencies in this area include:

  • Emotional Intelligence: Our team excels in recognizing and managing emotions, both our own and those of others. We harness emotions to guide our decision-making and express them constructively.
  • Social Intelligence: We adeptly navigate diverse social situations, influence others, resolve conflicts, and collaborate effectively towards common goals.
  • Communication Skills: Effective communication is our forte. We actively listen, provide constructive feedback, and adapt our communication style to suit various audiences and purposes.
  • Influence Skills: We persuade others using logical arguments, emotional appeals, and a range of tactics. Building coalitions, networks, and supporters comes naturally, as does addressing resistance and objections through reframing techniques.

Elevating Excellence in Residential Building Construction:

Excellence is our guiding star. We are committed to continuously improving and achieving the highest standards of performance in all our residential building construction endeavors. Our competencies include:

  • Quality Management: Ensuring that the residential buildings we construct consistently meet or exceed customer and stakeholder expectations.
  • Performance Management: Meticulously planning, monitoring, evaluating, and improving our performance through performance indicators and metrics.
  • Problem-Solving: Identifying, analyzing, and solving problems using various tools and methods, including root cause analysis, brainstorming, and more.
  • Decision-Making: Making effective decisions using a range of tools and methods, such as SWOT analysis, pros-and-cons analysis, and more.
  • Continuous Learning: We are dedicated to acquiring new knowledge and skills through various avenues, from reading and courses to mentoring and coaching.

Our Core Services for Residential Building Construction:

Project Management Consulting: We provide expert guidance in project planning, execution, monitoring, and control, ensuring that your residential building construction projects are delivered on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards.

Main Services for Residential Building Construction:

  • Review of Plans and Designs
  • Collaborator Selection and Proposal Evaluation
  • Contractor Bidding to Meet Owner Requirements
  • Site Preparation and Material Management
  • Procurement Auditing and Supplier Selection
  • Work Acceptance with Consultation
  • Weekly Meetings with Contractors and Consultants
  • Approval and Auditing of Contractor Invoices
  • Quantity Takeoff, Plan Review, and Government Procedures Monitoring

Contact Us:

If you’re ready to unlock the potential of your residential building construction projects, feel free to connect with us today. We look forward to helping you achieve excellence and success.

Email: iPMT@kanzae.com

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