Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis through Advanced Systems Thinking

Module 1: Introduction to Incident Investigation Gain a comprehensive understanding of incident investigation and its crucial role in identifying root causes. This module covers incident reporting procedures, incident classification, and the responsibilities of investigation teams. Engaging practical exercises and case studies enhance your learning experience.

Module 2: Incident Investigation Techniques Delve into a variety of investigation techniques and tools used to uncover the underlying causes of incidents. Learn evidence collection, effective interviewing techniques, and analysis methods. Real-world examples demonstrate the practical application of these techniques, ensuring a holistic learning experience.

Module 3: Root Cause Analysis Methods Focus on different root cause analysis methods, including the renowned 5 Whys, fishbone diagrams, and fault tree analysis. Apply these methods effectively through hands-on exercises to identify accurate root causes. Additionally, learn how to prioritize and validate root causes, enabling the implementation of targeted corrective actions.

Module 4: Developing Effective Corrective Actions Discover strategies for developing effective corrective actions aimed at preventing future incidents. Explore the hierarchy of controls and learn to select the most appropriate corrective actions based on identified root causes. Engaging case studies and interactive group discussions reinforce learning and provide practical insights.

Module 5: Incident Investigation Report Writing Enhance your report writing skills for incident investigations. Learn to document findings, analyze data, and communicate recommendations concisely and effectively. Gain an understanding of the legal and regulatory aspects of incident reporting, ensuring adherence to industry standards and requirements.

Course Details:

  • Duration: 5 days
  • Target Audience: Safety officers, supervisors, investigators, and professionals involved in incident investigation and safety management.
  • Course Materials: Comprehensive materials, including handouts, case studies, and reference materials, will be provided.
  • Assessment: Practical exercises, quizzes, and a final examination will evaluate participants’ understanding of the course content.
  • Certificate: Participants who successfully complete the course and meet the assessment criteria will receive a certificate of completion.

Note: The course brochure is subject to change and modification based on the specific needs and requirements of the participants and the organization.

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Join us for this comprehensive course on Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis to enhance your skills and contribute to a safer working environment.