Certified TQM Practitioner

This course aims to provide Quality professionals with the skills and knowledge to implement TQM (Total Quality Management) in an organizational context using advanced systems thinking methodologies. This will help avoid pitfalls that usually occur when implementing TQM systems.

The following main topics will be covered during this course:

  1. What Quality and Total Quality Management are?
  2. Common objectives of all quality systems.
  3. Quality systems.
  4. What systems thinking is?
  5. Systems thinking and total quality management.
  6. Systems behavior and TQM:
    1. Understanding your organization as a system.
      • Workflows.
      • Understanding Systems end-to-end.
      • Data and quality management.
    2. Quick fixes archetype.
      • Symptoms vs. problems.
      • Fixes that fail.
      • Undesirable outcomes.
    3. Types of waste.
      • Duplicate.
      • Rework.
      • Delay.
      • No value work.
    4. Model of understanding current reality.
      • Event.
      • Trends and patterns.
      • Systemic structure.
      • Mental models.
  7. Human behavior and TQM:
    1. I want you to cheat!
    2. Blaming culture and quality.
    3. Numbers game.
    4. Emotional Intelligence and quality:
      • Selfe awareness.
      • Self-control.
      • Social awareness.
      • Social Skills.
  8. Work Ethics and Quality.
  9. Key Performance Indicators (KPI).